Touring Israel with a local tour guide

Planning a trip to Israel? Always wanted to learn about religions and history? Intrigued by the archeological treasures in Israel? Or maybe you just want to learn about the culture?

Israel tour guide is the answer for you. An Israeli tour guide can tailor a trip fit exactly for you, and based on your interests and needs. There are so many sides to Israel, one can tour it for months and still not begin to cover the complexity of this special state and the religions within it. A local tour guide will be able to create a trip for you that can answer your questions and need for knowledge, while concentrating on your areas of interest.

An Israeli tour guide can introduce you to activities and places only the local know. Want to eat authentic Israeli food? Want to meet with the different sub-cultures in Israel? To explore sites that aren’t touristic? Your guide can do all that, and more.

An Israeli tour guide will be able to give you an exclusive understanding of a local, of the culture presented in Israel and the various nations in it, of the stories behind the historical sites or behind the wars that have ravaged the country in past days.

Touring with a local guide provides you with the opportunity of intimate knowledge of this land, and its people. Of the history, art, beliefs, food, culture, rituals and behaviors. So if you truly want to understand Israel, to feel like Israel is an old friend of yours who you’ve come to visit once again, join an Israeli tour guide and begin your exciting journey, which you are unlikely to ever forget.

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