Touring Israel in the spring

Touring Israel can be full of surprises for tourists. Being a country where much of the population is comprised of observant Jews, there are many customs to follow. Yom Kippur for example is a day in which no one can drive or do any work, and the majority of the population fasts throughout the day. Choosing private tours in Israel can help you navigate easier within those customs and traditions, and understand them better.

In Israel, the spring time holds a special holiday for the Jews – Pesach (Passover). Pesach is a holiday that celebrates the Jews leaving Egypt and the slavery they faced there, and heading towards their old-new home, Israel.

Though it is a time of celebration, there are some restrictions in this holiday, especially for those who observe Judaism. In Pesach there can be no Chametz in the house (bread and risen flour dough mostly), and the bread that is eaten during these days is a Matzo – a thin, crunchy baked bread that has not been let to rise properly. The stores follow these rules too – so be aware that it will be difficult to find bread, Pita bread, or even flour during Pesach. Kosher restaurants adhere to this rule as well, and so if you want to eat bread during this holiday, better go to a non-Kosher restaurant.

During the Passover holiday, the country is full of families on vacation, touring the country and celebrating with different activities. It is a perfect time to join these public activities and learn more about the culture and the Jewish religion.


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