Tour guide in Israel

So you have decided to go on a trip to an exotic location. After searching different countries for the perfect place to go to, you have decided to vacation in Israel.

Well – great choice!

Israel is a country full of special and seemingly contradicting combinations, and a Israel tour guide will help you understand and fully experience them:

While we are a secular country with many technical advances and innovation, a great part of our citizens are observant Jews, keeping the Jewish tradition alive.

While tormented by terror attacks and hatred, Israeli Jews and Israeli Arabs live side by side, forming new connections and friendships on a daily basis.

While being a small country, no longer than a few hundred kilometers in length, Israel has various landscapes and topography, ranging from a scorching desert, through mountains and sea, to the Golan Heights and snow.

While having no distinct culinary kitchen of its own, Israel is a blend of multiple cuisines and kitchens, drawing from its peoples roots from all over the world. The Israeli chefs refine those cuisines and adapt them to the Israeli palate, making an exotic and special combination.

While being somewhat hostile toward strangers, and seeming sarcastic or thorny, Israelis are actually very warm and caring people. They will form deep meaningful relationships, and always strive to help out a friend or even a stranger in need.

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