The neighborhood Nachlaoot is presumably once of the most ancient hoods in Jerusalem. It is a fascinating place, that includes stories of Martyrs, of Mythtics, of Ideolegists, and of the regular folks. If you visit Jerusalem, don't just do to the old city. You have a whole range of interesting stories right down from your nose. Of course, the stories, can only reveal themselves through a good private tour guide.

The broad wall of jerusalem

Today we're gonna speak on some very special location. Mainly, the broad wall in the old city of Jerusalem. The broad wall is the presumed to be the wall that is build during the period of the Hezkiyahu saga. It is a worthy site, and it has really stunning history - and it's a share tourists don't go there more often. If you go there, there are explanatory signs on the place. But we strongly recommend certified touring guide that can guide you through the ages - not just the ancient times.

The tunnels of the western walls

So your'e in Israel and looking for some ancient goods. Well, we have a special place for you guys. The tunnels of the western wall. Yap. Once it was the place from which water flew to the city from, today you get to see parts of the western wall you've never seen before through this particular tunnels. The entrance to the site is with personal touring guide only.

If you go visit Tsfat

  If you go visiting the most mythical city in Israel you should defiantly checkout the music there. Here is a small taste.  We recommend an Israeli tour guide.

David Tower

David Tower is one of the most popular touring sites in jerusalem. Checkout this video to get a taste of particular awesome tour site from an israeli tour guide.