Visiting Israel

if you are planning on visiting Israel any time soon, consider looking into private tour guides in Israel. a private tour guide can tailor the perfect route for you depending on your preferences and provide transportation, information and booking.

Hot springs

If you are a fan of spa and hot springs mention it to your Israeli private tour guide. I am sure he will recommend a visit to "Hamat Gader' hot springs.

Israeli Music

Israel has a rich culture and specifically musical culture. There are live performances on a daily basis whether it is music shows or street performances. If you have an Israel private tour guide make sure to ask him where you can see a live show of your favorite music style.

נופים ארץ ישראלים

הניגוד בין הרי הגליל המתנשאים ובין הכנרת הנמצאת בתחתיתם הוא מהדברים המרתקים שיש בארצנו הקטנטונת. צימר באמירים (מושב בגליל) למשל יכול להיות עם נוף לכנרת או להרי הגליל. כמה מרוממת היא חופשה כזו בה אתם יכולים לקום בבוקר לפתוח חלון ולראות את הכנרת משתרעת לה לרגליכם, ולידה בתיה של טבריה המשתפלים במורד ההר, ורמת הגולן המתנשאת מעליה. הרי הגליל על עציהם הנישאים, עליותיהם ומורדותיהם. אוויר ההרים הצלול, השקט של הגליל שכמו עוטף אותך. מה נפלאה היא ארצנו!

Israeli nightlife

Unlike most of Europe where everything is closed by 10:00PM, Israeli restaurants, bars and clubs are open until late at night. If you are after a day of sightseeing and still have some energy left, consult private tour guides in Israel for the best places to visit at night.

Israel wildlife

If you are into animals, Israel has great wildlife and a wonderful Safari zoo that offers a close interaction with the animals. If you are traveling with an Israeli private tour guide ask him about the options available.

Relaxing in Israel

Ask any private tour guides in Israel and they are sure to tell you that Israel has some of the best spa resorts in the world. Especially near the dead sea where you can get the best relaxing and natural treatment.
One of the most beautiful cities in Israel is old Jaffa. When planning the trip with your Israel private tour guide do not forget to include this place in the sites you are visiting.

Tel Aviv

Israel is not only a religious attraction. The country also offer a rich nightlife, great beaches, fun activities and wonderful food. Your Israel private tour guide can recommend you the best places to go and blow off steam.

Mount Hermon

I sometimes hear people say that Israel is filled with deserts and there is nothing to see there but sand. This is horribly wrong and everyone should know that Israel has a very diverse nature and even a ski resort in mount Hermon. If you come to visit Israel in the winter ask your Israeli private tour guide to take you to the resort or at least to take a look on the mountain.