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Pictures and photographs in israel

Pictures and photographs of people in Israel could be a tricky subject. Usually it is recommended that you'll ask first before you take a picture. The reason for that is that there are various reasons for people no liking taking a photograph. It could be that they are religious, or simply too self-conciseness. Ask first. Good private tour guide can help you with that.

Touring as a tourist

Touring as a tourist could be a tad difficult at some of the places. What you need to understand is that blending in might be important to you, if what you want to do is see things as 'they really are'. A good private tour guide can help with that.

Traveling by foot

Traveling in Israeli by foot could be a great experience given you've got the right tour guide at you disposal. You can try walking across the country, or just wonder around in one of the big cities. The choice is all yours.

Israeli food

If your'e going to visit israel we suggest you'll know a thing or two about Israeli/Arabaic food. So we'll begin with the basics - you have your Phalaphel, which believe me, is nothing like youv'e tasted outside of Israel. For real. Also, for dessert you should check your Baklawa. It's very sweet and cheese, and we promise you it's like nothing youv'e tasted before. Of course, if you are interested in culinarycal authenticity, you can always higher a private tour guide to help you sniff the food around you.

A few tips when traveling Israel

- Always make sure you know the safety status of a place your'e going to. - If you go to the market, you can huggle. But remember - It's not the movies, and sometimes you better off not going all the way. - The regular places are beautiful as well. Don't visit only the holy/tourist places. Go and explore beyond.   Hope you'll have a pleasant trip, and remember to bring a personal touring guide!

The Ethiopian church

The Ethiopian church in Jerusalem is one of the most impressive sites in the City. And yet, it is all too often forgotten due to a lack of understanding of that church uniqueness and it's intimate connection with the Ethiopian tradition of being one of the first to get Jesus's messages. We strongly recommend hiring a private tour guide to walk you through the magical story of the Ethiopians in Jerusalem.

War stories

Jerusalem is one of the most fought for lands in all history. Allot of that is due to face that Jerusalem considered to be a holy center for allot of people around the globe. But in the 20th century Jerusalem became a battle ground, and it is home for some of the most glorious battle stories. We recommend hiring a private tour guide to walk you through the war over Jerusalem.

Ein Karem

Ein Karem is once of the most beautiful places in Jerusalem. If your'e going to Israel you probably going to visit Jerusalem. But let me tell you something else. Your'e going to visit Ein Karem. You have to. It's absolutely one of the most beautiful places in Jerusalem, and it's also happens to be so rich with history that a private tour guide can tell you the story of practically every stone there.

A land of ancient stories

Jerusalem is the land of ancient stories. Over 3000 years of history, wars, great people and the strongest spiritual motivated movements has began their way here. It doesn't matter if your talking about Christians, Jews or Muslims, each has his own story of Jerusalem and his own golden period of it. We're living in a wonderful time in which Jerusalem is practically open for everybody from all the ethnic and religious groups. Due to that, we argue you to take advantage of this particular historical possibility as soon as you can. Jerusalem knew and even today knows allot of quick change. So next time your'e in Israel, for business or for pleasure, make sure to find the time to hand around with a private tour guide in the old city of Jerusalem.